A small go library to lazily calculate dependent variables.
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package pixelMenu
import (
tools "gitlab.com/Pixdigit/goTestTools"
func TestResolverExample(t *testing.T) {
p1 := Invariant(1)
p2 := Invariant(2)
p3 := Invariant(3)
p4 := Invariant(4)
result := Div(Sub(Mul(Add(p1, p2), p3), p4), Invariant(1))
tools.Test(result.Value == 5, "invalid result", t)
tools.Test(result.HasDependency(p1), "No dependency detected", t)
tools.Test(result.HasDependency(p2), "No dependency detected", t)
tools.Test(result.HasDependency(p3), "No dependency detected", t)
tools.Test(result.HasDependency(p4), "No dependency detected", t)