A small go library to lazily calculate dependent variables.
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package lazy
import (
tools "gitlab.com/Pixdigit/goTestTools"
func TestResolving(t *testing.T) {
test := 0.0
p1 := Invariant(1)
p2 := Invariant(2)
p3 := Invariant(3)
p4 := Invariant(4)
p5 := PointerVar(&test)
test = 1
result := Div(Sub(Mul(Add(p1, p2), p3), p4), p5)
t.Log("Calculation result:", result.Value)
tools.Test(result.Value == 5, "invalid result", t)
tools.Test(result.HasDependency(p1), "No dependency detected", t)
tools.Test(result.HasDependency(p2), "No dependency detected", t)
tools.Test(result.HasDependency(p3), "No dependency detected", t)
tools.Test(result.HasDependency(p4), "No dependency detected", t)
tools.Test(result.HasDependency(p5), "No dependency detected", t)
tools.Test(!result.HasDependency(Invariant(0)), "Dependency on independed node", t)