• Pre-Release 0.3.3-alpha.1 c9f058e85c

    Release 0.3.3 alpha!

    Pixdigit released this 7 years ago | 0 commits to master since this release

    New features:

      • Moved to Github ^^
      • Procedual world generation
      • Method for loading and creating new ship types
      • Started Collaboration with Nick Jarvis
      • New method to make menus which makes it super easy to create a menu
      • New warp station which allows to travel between 8 worlds
      • Worlds now have a seed which will recreate the same world every time
      • Button size is now adjustable
      • Buttons now can contain an image

      Changes or fixes:
      • Optimized Readme and changed it to markdown format
      • Increased framerate immensely by fixing a bug which caused stars outside to be blit too
      • Bullets now have a realistic physic
      • Removed flashing screen at program start
      • Buttons now never overlap again
      • fixed an error in Tygamusic when music has been paused more often than unpaused
      • Unicode support of savegames
      • Loading savegames menu has a new interface
      • better support of non 16:9 displays