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(Licences of used music and art and libs at end of file or in LICENSES.txt)
<h2>Project Interstellar is a 2d space-adventure game</h2>
<h4>developed in and with : Python, Pygame, subversion and Ninja-IDE. Currently pre-alpha status.</h4>
Version 0.3.x
wasd or arrowkeys for movement
f12 for screenshot
f6 to change music
esc to exit
f or space to shoot
y to move faster
c when power bar is filled up will shoot in 8 directions
many hidden features
How to play
To play, simply run the "Run.py" file located in the base directory
<li>wasd or arrowkeys for movement</li>
<li>f12 for screenshot</li>
<li>f6 to change music</li>
<li>esc to exit</li>
<li>f or space to shoot</li>
<li>y to move faster</li>
<li>c when power bar is filled up will shoot in 8 directions</li>
<li>many hidden features</li>
Custom music
Simply paste your music into the music folder to be included in the game.
"_" will be replaced with spaces (" "). For best support use .ogg but .mp3 will work too.
File / Code information
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Run.py 39 ,14, 53
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menu.py 355
objects.py 341
Contact Information
You can contact me on the homepage: http://www.pygame.org/project-Project+Interstellar-2943-.html
or via email: max12354678910@gmail.com
(subject: Project_interstellar)
(Licences of used music and art and libs in LICENSES.txt)